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Upcoming Tikkun Celebrations

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A Meaningful Holiday Gift

Give a meaningful holiday gift offering a profound way of thinking for the New Year. Get Editor-at-Large Peter Gabel’s The Desire for Mutual Recognition: Social Movements and the Dissolution of the False Self, available at Routledge Press, Amazon, and other outlets including your independent bookseller.

From Exchange to GiftingPart Two: Beyond the Exchange/Gift Binary

Many people, even those who live fully within the exchange paradigm and don’t ever think about maternal gifting, prefer going to a farmers’ market, if one exists where they live, or to a local store, rather than to a supermarket. Sometimes they prefer it enough that they are even willing to pay more money. There is a reason for it.

Moon Landing

Tessi and I were nine years old and watching the Moon Landing when she told me she’d been stolen from her mother and sent to live in an orphanage. When I invited Tessi to attend my Jewish Religion Instruction class, we found ourselves connecting as we opened our hearts to each others’ very different cultural backgrounds and histories.