Who Killed Jesus?

A Compelling Historical Examination & Extrapolation On Church Anti-Semitism & Propaganda

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Readers Respond

Letter to the Editor:
I learned so much by reading Tikkun's analysis of the left's condescending attitude towards working class and poor Americans. I have to admit that I ,who had parents that were anti Vietnam war activists, environmental activists, feminist activists,etc, recognize that they had a feeling of being on a higher plane, just as you put it. Even though I have been a very low income earner, I've managed to enjoy rural living and growing my own healthy food, I have been subjected to the overt disapproval, and big egos, from wealthy back-to-the-Landers!!!!! So I know how it feels to have scorn heaped on me by others on the left, for not being "more successful" by many people,of the privilege class. So I find myself understanding how the more uneducated white folk feel about the "higher plane" left, as you state in your writing, having been victim of the privileged left myself, but since I had parents on the educated left, I've accepted some of their way of seeing things, and as a result cannot accept the working class or poor voting for the right.

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