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Join Us to Help Build a Caring Society

Our goal is to encourage and support people to dream big about the kind of life and community they want - dreams that are so often excluded from public discourse. To bring these liberating ideas into the public sphere, we will work to pass resolutions endorsing the New Bottom Line: A Caring Society.

Coronavirus and the Glimmering Light

In 1578, while jailed in a Carmelite monastery for his attempts at reforming the order, Saint John of the Cross penned his famous poem, Dark Night of the Soul. He was living in a cell measuring barely ten by six feet, without a lamp or a change of clothes, dragged out weekly for public lashings.

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Like Floyd, Vietnamese Were Victims of a “Flourishing US Culture of Excessive Force, Racism, & Impunity”

The 27 $million to the family of George Floyd answering allegations that his civil rights were violated within a flourishing American culture of excessive force, racism and impunity by implication puts protective value on all lives in the USA. Remaining valueless are the millions of lives taken overseas by Americans, including by Black GIs who afterward return home to face mortal racist danger themselves.

Challenging Antisemitism: Why Criticism of Israel Shouldn’t be Singled Out & Our Interconnected Struggles for Justice

Criticism of Israel's policies and practices should not be singled out as examples of antisemitism. We must not reinforce the notion that there is anything about criticism of Israel that requires “special” attention. Further, locating the challenge against antisemitism as an integral part of other struggles for justice, rather than exceptionalizing it, can only strengthen all our movements against racism and white supremacy.