Dear Generation Z

In this letter to Generation Z, Valerie Elverton Dixon remembers the actress Diana Rigg and encourages a new generation of voters to vote from a place or love and duty in order to find grace within themselves.

An Inalienable Right

Valerie Elverton Dixon argues that a “fundamental self-evident truth is human beings have an inalienable right to have power over their own bodies. Human beings have a right to be respected and secure in their persons.”

Apart and Together (part five)

The overwhelming majority of the world’s population is doing work in the form of jobs that are insufficient for sustenance, assault workers’ dignity, and lack meaning. Even when the pay is sufficient, jobs are still lacking in dignity and meaning.

Apart and Together (part four)

The Coronavirus has brought new possibilities as it calls into question one of the deepest and most pervasive narratives of modern life: that every problem originates in an individual and can, and should, be fixed by individuals for themselves.

King’s Two Messages

There is a window now open for far more significant change than the single-issue focus on police brutality; a time when such brutality can be seen as merely a tragic symptom of much deeper causes.

Reb Michel

Undercover Hasid

Just as the pandemic began, Michel Gurwitz, born in a D.P. Camp to holocaust survivors, scion of Holy Masters, a beat Jewish mystic who spent his life raising holy sparks, sometimes as a nomad on the streets of New York–passed on to the higher worlds.

Apart and Together (part three)

Our future depends on our ability to quickly align our policies and practices with the reality of our embeddedness within an interconnected web of life. The changes this calls for are sweeping and profound: restoring reverence for life, seeing all as kin, and seeing no one and nothing as “other.”