One thought on “Coexistence, Equality, and Universal Principles in Israel/Palestine: Regrouping in the Absence of a Two-State Solution

  1. Why are we always reading some Jews’ opinion about how to stop the Jewish colonization of Palestine? I’m saying this as someone who lived in Israel for about seven years, mind you. The Israeli mindset is absurdly arrogant and myopically out of touch with reality. Meanwhile, the American Jewish input on the matter is, frankly, of no interest to anyone. Coexistence? Of who with whom? Why don’t diaspora Jews just back out – and stop monopolizing the conversation. It’s like asking a thief’s friends to author the conditions for the return of property by the thief. Listen…Tell your friend to leave and that you believe in the law and enforcement measures to be used against him, even if they include possible violent force. Stop with speaking on his behalf under the banner of “it will be ok – you didn’t do anything wrong”. Or continue the same path and ask why when the world herd the Jews up again when they realize the international subterfuge. That’s the point of the whole “coexist” farce anyway, isn’t it?