From the start Tikkun has taken the view that Jewish morality and prophetic tradition require a challenge to all governments, including that of Israel, to live by the highest ethical standards. The more Israel rejects Jewish morality and the Torah’s injunction to “love the stranger” in its treatment of the Palestinians, the more it loses the support of the most ethically sensitive people in the world and of many younger Jews in the diaspora. We are committed to full and complete reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinian people within the context of social justice for the Palestinians and security for Israel. Our view is that solutions to intractable conflicts begin as increasing numbers on each side can empathize with and tell the other side’s story. That is an exceptionally hard thing to do in this case, given the traumas both Jews and Palestinians have suffered, but we believe it is possible. Our special issue on the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel and of the Nakba is here. See also Michael Lerner’s essay “A Jewish Renewal Understanding of the State of Israel,” his book Embracing Israel/Palestine, and the Tikkun Israel/Palestine Peace Plan.