Image of Palestinians and Israelis at a peace vigil

Netanyahu Needs A War

Yoav Peck, an Israeli peace activist, emphasizes the need for Israelis to come together to overcome the evils of Netanyahu.

A Two-State Solution is the Only Option

Alon Ben-Meir writes: "Israel and the Palestinians must choose to either live in peace or in a state of constant hostilities and bloodshed. The Palestinians’ right to a state of their own, coupled with unanimous international support, makes the two-state solution the only viable option."

Moving Beyond Despair

Don Waxman proposes a pragmatic approach which will "focus on campaigning for interim measures that Israel could easily adopt, measures that would dramatically improve the lives and enhance the rights of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza."

Letter to a Jewish Girl

I write this letter for the Jewish girl who was afraid to put her name to this letter for fear of being deemed too controversial to be hired within the American Jewish community. I write this letter for the Jewish girl who debates the news schizophrenically with herself inside her head. I write this letter for the Jewish girl who was told that her politics went wrong when she let a few experiences with “good Arabs” distract her from the bigger picture.

In the Midst of the Ruins: Activists Struggle to Save the Palestinian Village of Lifta

Lifta is the last remaining Palestinian village within the disavowed Green Line that hasn’t been destroyed or renovated and resettled. Threatened by Israel’s “Master Plan 6036,” which aims to convert Lifta into an exclusive suburban enclave and tourist resort, the crumbling village’s main hope lies in a coalition of Palestinian and Israeli activists who are working to try to save it.