The Problem with Solutions

Noah Habeeb asks us to remember that in order to successfully implement a just solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict, we need to focus on the process of solving it, not just the solution.

The Electronic Intifada: Pushing the Envelope with Ali Abunimah

IF YOU LISTEN TO NPR AND THE BBC as frequently as the editorial staff of Tikkun does, in all likelihood you’ve heard the British-accented voice of Ali Abunimah. The editor and publisher of both the Electronic Intifada ( and Electronic Iraq ( since 2001, Abunimah has established himself as one of the single most influential Palestinian intellectuals in North America.

Troop Reversals in Gaza and Jericho

Like the graffiti scrawled all over Gaza’s walls, the criss-crossing narratives of what’s to come after autonomy almost obliterate the actual moments of its arrival. Narratives and predictions, ominous premonitions vying with optimistic scenarios germinate not only locally, but come at us from all over the globe, superimposing themselves on the troop reversals finally happening on the ground.