Unhealed Terror

It is my understanding that this was the first time the story of a Holocaust survivor had ever been aired on national television in the United States, and the program treated Ms. Kohner's story as just another made-for-television soap opera. If this was how the non-Jewish world treated the survivors of the Holocaust in the 1950s, what hope was there for the Jewish world to find a place to grieve?

President Obama: Keep Faith

The president's Christian faith compels him to seek common ground with his political opponents in our shared desire to provide a secure and prosperous life for the nation, especially for those who are poor and vulnerable. It requires him to seek strength in our diversity, to explore solutions that bridge the partisan divide.

Reflections on Liberal Zionism

America is not an "honest broker" nor is it working on a just solution to the conflict. Our government, largely as a result of pressure from our community, provides blanket support for Israel.

An Arab Plan that Jews Must Pursue

Peace groups often lack a clear, realistic vision—something tangible to pin their hopes on. That can change now in Israel and Palestine. Many people realize that guns are not going to decide this conflict. And now there is actually something real and concrete to work with.