Spring 2011 Table of Contents

Spring 2011 Table of Contents
Volume 26, Issue 2
Letters to the Editor
Tunisia, Egypt, and Israel
U.S. policy in the Middle East keeps opting for stability over morality—and so ends up with neither. A Progressive Strategy for 2011-2012
Primaries are the one way we the people can still bring our concerns into national politics.

Passover Haggadah Supplement 2011

Every year Tikkun publishes a Haggadah supplement for Passover. This year we only published the first part of it in the print magazine (the two pages pictured at right) and promised that the entire haggadah would be published online, here, in time for Passover. We wrote:

FOR YOUR SEDER, here is a Haggadah supplement—not a replacement. If you don’t normally do a Seder, you can use this supplement as the basis for an interfaith gathering in your home on April 18, the first night of Passover, or on any of the other nights of Passover until it ends on April 26. The bulk of this supplement can be found online at tikkun.org/passoversupplement.