Readers Respond: Letters from Winter 2011

Letters to the editor on JFK’s Vietnam Withdrawal, How to Achieve Tikkun Olam, Why Gays Deserve Equal Rights, JFK Assassination, Assassination and Israel, JFK’s Courage, Obama’s Frustration and Courage, Pursuing Change, New Zionism and Peace, A Spiritual Progressive Party, Violence and Peace, Science and Spirit, Party Loyalty and Change, Iranophobia, Negativity Regarding Israel, Disillusionment with the Democrats, and more!

The State of the Spirit, 2011

Human beings share a deep yearning to live in communities that provide a sense of purpose to their lives. And we have an irrepressible instinct to seek freedom; creativity; artistic expression; higher and higher levels of understanding and consciousness; love and caring for others; the creation and enjoyment of beauty and pleasure; and both joyous celebration of and awe-filled responses to all the wonders of life in this universe.

Do Not Hold Back: Notes from a Gay Congregation

As queer and trans Jews, as Jews of color, as working-class Jews, we have often had experiences within Jewish communities that amplify that distrust, pushing us out of communities and into isolation. Too many Jewish communities across the country are moving further to the right in their politics, and those of us on the left are feeling the danger of this shift.

The Nature of Evil

So why is evil so sexy, and so profoundly glamorous? And why does virtue seem so boring? Why is it that when I told my thirteen-year-old son I was writing a book on evil, he replied “Wicked!”?

Psychedelics, Spirituality, and Transformation

Without intending to reify, or circumscribe, I will present a taxonomy of experience that reflects my personal history and observations over forty-seven years, since I and a small group of new friends just commencing medical school in New York City dropped acid (LSD).