3 thoughts on “The Nature of Evil

  1. Many deep insights into the subject of evil. I agree that if people saw it for what it really is, the would find it bland, banal, and boring.

    Maybe we are all a mix of good and evil? I’m positive I would not enjoy an orgy, and I’m pretty sure I’m not pathologically evil. I do also tend towards acetics because I really love a simple, uncluttered life. I would not reject material riches if they were to come to me by legit means, but I am also a conservationist. I respect the material world which is nature, so much that I don’t like the idea of living glutonously off of her avails. I know this really evil guy who would love an orgy. He’s been trying to orchestrate one for over 30 years now…

    Overall I really love what you said about high spirits and virtue. That really rings true, and I think we need to concentrate on making good sexy again.

    Thanks for the thought provoking article.

  2. “if people saw it (evil) for what it really is, the would find it bland, banal, and boring.”

    Then you don’t understand the nature of evil at all. If you saw evil for what it really is, you would understand the definition of terror. This article is an adolescent attempt (or an adult cover-up trying to appear as an adolescent attempt) to define the nature of evil…. which in reality, is much much Darker…. and vicious than what is presented here. Evil is the inversion of the Original state of things for the sake of becoming “equal and opposite”. Its most insidious attribute is that it has studied and understands (for the most part) the nature of goodness, and seeks to meld with it, “second-skin” it without joining it, and feed off of its life-force like a parasite, pretending to become what it stealthily stalks, hates, and plots against. Evil is self-aware and seeks only power. It is pride in the highest caliber, and the worship of wrongness for the sake of wronghood itself.

  3. I think Vampires and Zombies are more about mans morbid curiousity about death and afterlife and transformations than about evil. Typically vampires live forever and live out of coffins and zombies are corpses who rise from the dead. That is the romance of them not the killing part.