Capitalism, Greece, and the End of Lesser-Evil Choosing

The question of whether to vote for the lesser evil in the upcoming presidential election is being resolved even as we wrestle with it. The last few years of global capitalist change and the response thereto in Greece show the historic moment now breaking out of such dead ends. Greece, like the United States, was long dominated by two old parties. As they divided governmental power between themselves, they became ever more alike. One, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), “moderated” over time and eventually even embraced the vicious austerity imposed on Greece by Europe’s conservatives.

The Crisis Enters Year Five

The current capitalist global crisis began with the severe contraction in the housing markets in mid-2007; therefore welcome to year five. The largest corporations and richest citizens long ago learned that if you want to sustain an extremely unequal distribution of wealth and income, you need a similarly unequal distribution of political power. An increasingly unequal capitalist economy pays for the increasingly undemocratic politics it needs.