A Two-State Solution is the Only Option

Alon Ben-Meir writes: “Israel and the Palestinians must choose to either live in peace or in a state of constant hostilities and bloodshed. The Palestinians’ right to a state of their own, coupled with unanimous international support, makes the two-state solution the only viable option.”

Moving Beyond Despair

Don Waxman proposes a pragmatic approach which will “focus on campaigning for interim measures that Israel could easily adopt, measures that would dramatically improve the lives and enhance the rights of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.”

Without Justice, Tolerance Perpetuates the Status Quo

Within Open Hillel, we often talk about the value of embracing the discomfort we experience when hearing opinions that we disagree with. After all, ideas that make us uncomfortable may challenge our intellectual or emotional security, but rarely challenge our actual physical safety.

Unhealed Terror

It is my understanding that this was the first time the story of a Holocaust survivor had ever been aired on national television in the United States, and the program treated Ms. Kohner’s story as just another made-for-television soap opera. If this was how the non-Jewish world treated the survivors of the Holocaust in the 1950s, what hope was there for the Jewish world to find a place to grieve?