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We are so excited to announce our Campaign for a New Bottom Line! Our goal is to encourage and support people to dream big about the kind of life and community they want - dreams that are so often excluded from public discourse. To bring these liberating ideas into the public sphere, we will work to pass resolutions endorsing the New Bottom Line: A Caring Society

Tikkun and the Network of Spiritual Progressives have been advocating for comprehensive structural changes that go beyond more narrow efforts and that promote a positive vision of our world. This campaign for a New Bottom Line has the capacity to support local efforts and to build a broad coalition of social change and environmental organizations unified around the vision of a world grounded in universal values of love, care, and justice; or as we say, a New Bottom Line - Caring For Each Other and Caring for the Planet.

This is an opportunity to advocate for structural change in your own local community! For more details, check out our campaign strategy guide. Our guide provides step-by-step instructions for how you can participate in and promote our campaign as well as a working draft of a New Bottom Line resolution.

We hosted an informational call in May where we explained the intention of the campaign and answered questions. Going forward, we hold bi-monthly calls where we offer our full support, address any questions and challenges, brainstorm next steps, and celebrate any wins! You can watch the May launch call here.

We hope you will join our campaign. To obtain the Zoom link to join the call, sign-up below. If you can’t make the call but are interested in learning more, please sign-up below and we will send you the recording and notices of future gatherings so you can stay engaged with us as we build our movement for a caring society.

Don’t let the movement march by you! Now is the time to act! You can make a significant contribution to this effort with whatever time or energy you have available.

Tikkun needs your support to bring the kind of analyses and information we provide.
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