A Passionate Pacifist

A Passionate Pacifist

Early in the 20th century, an orthodox rabbi affirmed a Judaism which challenged the kind of Zionism being promoted by Jewish nationalists. Read about his views.

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Don’t Let the Light Go Out


No Other Gods

Prophetic Empathy

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Vol 33, No 3: Summer 2018

Vision of A Liberated Economy


Feeding Children, Communities and Souls

The Years of Dialogue

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Vol 33, No 1-2: Winter/Spring 2018 

The Evolution of Identity Politics


Decolonizing Jewishness

Creating a Spiritual Practice to Heal and Transform the World

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Vol 32, No 4: Fall 2017 


Ecological Civilization


Anti-Semitism, Uprootedness, and Zionism

The Magic of Emergence

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 Vol 32, No 3: Summer 2017 

Listening to Leonard Cohen


Man in God’s Image

The Richness of Adrienne Rich’s Poetry

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Vol 32, No 1: Winter 2017

Grounds for Hope


Kaddish for Che

Are Humans Special? DAVID LOY

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Vol 31, No.2: Spring 2016

Misery and Misogyny on the Menu

The True Cost of a Cheap Meal

Physicians and Torture: Medical Teshuvah for a Profession in Need of Healing

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Vol 31.

Cynthia Travis reviews Deena Metzger’s latest novel A Rain of Night Birds

Book Review for Tikkun
by Cynthia Travis
by Deena Metzger
Natural Law was here before and will be here after we’re gone. Western law was not here then and will not last. ~ Marie Gladue, Navajo elder

Sometimes a story poses a question that is inescapable, compelling us to yield to its mandate, demanding its rightful place at the magnetic center of our lives. This is because, in the words of a wise friend, it is a story that reminds us who we are. Such is the question at the heart of Deena Metzger’s A Rain of Night Birds (Hand to Hand Publishing, 2017): What are the ways of being that will ensure a viable future for all life?

Daniel Ellsberg’s The Doomsday Machine (a review by Bill Roller)

Review by Bill Roller of Daniel Ellsberg’s book The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner    
                  It’s Midnight in America


            There was a game that children in the southern Midwest played

during the early days of the Cold War. It was called, “What Time is it Mr. Fox?”  It was a version of “tag” and went something like this. We children gathered at the brick wall in the school yard. One of us was given the role of “Mr. Fox”, and that child faced the brick wall, hands on the wall and eyes closed. As the rest of us approached the wall slowly, one step at a time, we asked, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?”  Mr. Fox replied

“Five-thirty” and we took another step forward.

The American War in Yemen by Rajan Menon

[Thanks to our media ally TomDispatch.com for sharing this article with Tikkun readers on yet another sin of the U.S. government–our participation in the mass killing of Yemenites. –Rabbi Michael Lerner  rabbilerner.tikkun@gmail.com ]
The American War in Yemen
by Rajan Menon

Introduction by Tom Engelhardt: It was the rarest of graphics in the American news media: a CNN map in which recent Saudi air strikes in Yemen were represented by little yellow explosions. Below them were the number of civilians killed (“97,” “155,” “unknown casualties”) and, below those, the names of the makers of the weapons that had done the killing (Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics). In fact, in the nearly three decades since the Soviet Union imploded, U.S. weapons makers have had a remarkable grip on the global arms trade (latest figure: 34% of all arms sales) and regularly sold their weaponry into places that were hell storms of conflict, particularly the Middle East. Nonetheless, remarkably little thought is given here to how snugly death and destruction in distant lands fit with these glory days of U.S. weapons makers, their soaring profits and rising stock prices.

Disobedience Here Below

Joint Sermon: Rev. Bill Wylie-Kellerman & Rabbi Alana Alpert
Sept. 10th, 2019Ordained from Hebrew College of Boston in 2014, Rabbi Alana Alpert serves a dual position as rabbi of Congregation T’chiyah and Director of Detroit Jews for Justice. Because they have been working closely together on the Michigan Poor Peoples Campaign, she invited Rev. Bill Wylie-Kellermann to share the teaching for Rosh Hashanah. A graduate of Union Theological Seminary in NYC, Bill is a non-violent activist, author, and United Methodist pastor recently retired from St Peter’s Episcopal, Detroit. What follows are their remarks for the day.

Religion is Emotional Therapy by Stephen T. Asma

[Editor’s Note: At a moment when religion is being blamed for Trumpism, it is good to hear some alternative perspectives. While the perspective presented is different from some of the reasons a portion of our readership embrace a wide variety of spiritually progressive religions (and many do not embrace any religion), it nevertheless deserves to be given serious attention.–Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor, Tikkun . rabbilerner.tikkun@gmail.com]

Religion is Emotional Therapy
by  Stephen T. Asma

Religious extremism comes in many forms. Sometimes it clings to arcane doctrines despite mountains of scientific evidence. Such was the case during the famous Scopes Monkey trial of 1925. John Scopes was slapped with a $100 fine for teaching evolution in Dayton Tennessee, violating a law making it a misdemeanor to “teach any theory that denies the story of the divine creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals.” Even though Scopes lost the trial, his defense attorney Clarence Darrow successfully put prosecutor William Jennings Bryan on the stand and demonstrated the tortured and impossible logic of scriptural literalism.