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Receiving Charity is Divine

This is an important response to those who worry about getting or giving “handouts” to the needy, mistakenly believing that being a recipient of support makes them less worthy as a human being.

Australian Rabbi speaking at a Mosque

Below I share some of my talk at a Mosque the other day. The fact that this talk happened at all is a tribute to the good people playing a leadership role in this community. Two Sydney synagogues had hosted an Imam to speak to their communities as well. Contact between cultures is not always positive and my talk explores elements of challenge as well as principles relating to living side by side with people of different cultures and beliefs. Warm regards


Rabbi Zalman Kastel
National Director
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Prophetic Voices Should Be Bold

I think it is wrong for the voices of moderation to be constrained by an idealistic sense of duty to absolute accuracy, balance, and openness to opposing views. Hmm, ouch, that was hard to write; are we not the people who “eat brown rice and are always nice”?