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For instructions on how to apply for the Managing Editor job, please click below:


Tikkun magazine is looking for a managing editor to produce its award-winning print magazine and manage its lively online content–someone who is aligned with our goal of contributing to the healing and transforming the world. Ideally, you have prior editorial experience, but we would be open to hiring someone who has the intellectual sophistication without the journalistic training to fill this role. Many journalists are trained to be impartial and detached—but Tikkun is a magazine of ideas seeking the kind of global transformation that would save the earth from environmental destruction and overcome the ethos of selfishness and materialism that have caused so much suffering on our planet.


There are many volunteer and internship opportunities at Tikkun. We are looking for students, recent college graduates, and retirees who would like to work on healing and repairing the world now (tikkun olam). Also welcome: mid-career professionals who want to take a year off to consider their options and may find an internship here of value. Most internships last a minimum of three months (preferably longer), and we prefer applicants who can work fourteen to twenty hours a week. We accept applications on a rolling basis for summer, spring, and fall internships.

We are also in need of volunteers who can offer even a regular couple of hours a week from home, online, to help us rebuild our web archive, to update our media contacts, and volunteer section editors to work from home. Click on the links below for information and application instructions.

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