Tikkun is Closing

Vol 1 No. 1
Vol 1 No. 1

Dear Readers of Tikkun

I am writing to thank you for supporting Tikkun Magazine during its almost forty years of existence. Unfortunately, my body and mind have made it impossible for me to continue as its editor, and the staff is working to close the magazine soon.

I especially want to thank all those who have made Tikkun possible. This includes Rabbi Cat Zavis (co-editor) and the past and present editorial boards, writers, poets, artists, funders, staff members, volunteers, supporters, and readers. Each of you has been an important part in bringing forth a vision of healing and transformation.

These are difficult times for anyone seeking a world of love and justice. Yet I continue to believe that within the next hundred years, those who survive the many hurtful human forces and the massive destruction of the environment will be living in a more loving and just world. May those in your life—your children, grandchildren, friends, coworkers, people you meet along the way—learn from you to reject the cynical belief that money and power is what gives people lives of joy and meaning. 

I hope you will share our worldview in the future. It may help to refer to Tikkun’s past issues since they contain the writings of the many inspired thinkers that we have been honored to publish. These issues can be found in the Tikkun Archives at https://www.tikkun.org/archives.  

Blessings and love,

Rabbi Michael Lerner

More about the closing can be found at the J Weekly.

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