Art Internships

Description of Position:

Art interns at Tikkun engage deeply with the question of how to illustrate articles about politics, social change, and spirituality. They work on our national magazine and on our website, generating illustration ideas and conducting image research. They play a central role in finding imagery for use on our new multimedia blog site, Tikkun Daily, which features regular photo essays and art galleries.

In the art world these days, it is quite difficult to find images that are not only artistically strong but also have social content. We need images that critique the pretensions and cruelties of our materialistic and self-centered culture. We also need artwork about peace, spirituality, hope, and social transformation that is NOT sappy, corny, or part of a New Age aesthetic. Interns are encouraged to scour museums, galleries, artists’ websites, and online image libraries to find these sorts of images.

Art interns work with the editors in Berkeley, where they develop relationships with freelance artists, obtain permission to reprint images, and brainstorm ways to illustrate the complex concepts often explored by articles in the magazine and on the magazine’s website. Interns with strong art skills may also be encouraged to try their hand at creating original illustrations to be considered for publication in the magazine.


  • Adobe Photoshop and InDesign experience
  • Commitment to the work Tikkun and the Network of Spiritual Progressives is doing
  • Research and/or illustration skills
  • Flexibility, able to find great images on a limited or non-existent budget
  • Strong work ethic


  • Brainstorm images for upcoming issues of the magazine and for online articles
  • Assist with researching licensing information for images
  • Tracking down permission for the magazine to reprint images
  • Identify possible artists to feature
  • Contact artists to request permission to edit their work
  • Edit image files for appropriate website sizing
  • Send out calls for art submissions
  • Maintain an “artists of interest” spreadsheet

To Apply:

Please submit a single file with resume/CV and cover letter describing your interest and qualifications to Please type “Art Intern– [Last Name]” in the subject line.


This position is unpaid; however, our interns have often been successful in using their internship with us as the basis for breaking into paying full time employment with media, magazines, academia, book publishing, and online publishing. Of course, there are no guarantees that the internship will lead to financial rewards of this worth.

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