Trump Destroying Your Social Safety

We at Tikkun recently received this message from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Member of Congress.

Donald Trump is robbing the working and middle class to give huge tax breaks to the wealthiest among us.

In order to fund his corporate tax breaks and giveaways to the ultra-rich, he’s targeting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and more. His budget is a classic right-wing plan that would gut our most critical social programs.

Trump’s sabotage of the working and middle classes is brazen. Here’s what his proposed budget would do:

Cut $850 billion from Medicare
Take $270 billion out of Medicaid
Reduce Social Security spending by $30 billion
Slash funding for student loan relief programs, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Education, eliminates some HUD affordable housing programs, and more
Meanwhile, defense spending stays the same. ICE’s budget is going up by almost 25%. He’s giving his quixotic border wall another $2 billion. And Amazon will still pay $0 in federal taxes.

Helping the wealthy and powerful afford another private jet while cutting life-saving social programs isn’t just unjust — it’s morally repugnant.

We at Tikkun agree with AOC and urge you to:

  1. Spread this information to everyone you know.
  2. Call your own Congressional Representative and U.S. Senators and ask them to do everything they can to protect these cuts in social services that will hurt the poor and the vulnerable.

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