Pandemic in the Age of Trump

Unlike President Trump, who ruthlessly sees people and the world divided into winners and losers, the pandemic opens the path to a more just and equitable system.

Phillip C. Dixon and Valerie Elverton Dixon

Sunday on the Patio During the Pandemic

Inspired by a painting by George Seurat and the musical “Sunday in the Park With George”, Valerie Elverton Dixon uses colors to describe a Sunday afternoon during this pandemic and thinks about the moral demand and the sacrifice of touch that the pandemic requires. In the end, compassion will make humanity better for generations to come.

Apart and Together (part two)

One of the things the coronavirus pandemic opened up is the possibility of exposing the incapacity of the market to attend to need. If the market were able to attend to needs, there wouldn’t have to be any governmental mobilization anywhere, because it would happen by itself through the mechanism of the “invisible hand.”

Gaia and Shekhina Speak

What can console us in the face of the Great Unknown? I thought I understood that safety was always an illusion: any of us could be struck down at any moment. But having the illusion of safety erased, that’s uncertainty of another magnitude, so vastly out of proportion to the “normal,” default reality that words can’t do it justice. When I painted the first of these self-portraits in August—the one with my hair on fire—I had no idea it would add up to something much larger and more urgent, compelling me to share with you. I soon had the idea of depicting the remaining three elements: water, earth, and air.

I Resign

I feel sad this morning. There is blame-slinging all around. It’s all about the last few weeks at the moment, as if all that came before had been forgotten. I’m seeing people blame sexism as the sole cause for defeating Warren, as if her own choices were entirely irrelevant. I’m seeing people focusing on the putative sexism of Sanders supporters, charging that those supporters are solely to blame for Biden’s wins.