What About Palestine?

Donna Nevel observes that Trump’s critics, responding to his claim that Jews are disloyal to Israel for voting Democrat, overlooked the ongoing assaults on the Palestinian people.

Lying for A Living Part 3:

Arlene Goldbard asks: where on the integrity scale would you rate a candidate whose background is marked by lies and misdeeds, who is called to account and fails to show up, and who releases a glitzy campaign ad so mendacious that the Washington Post‘s fact-checker awards it three Pinocchios? I’d give Valerie Plame a zero.

The Great Hack: Chaos for Profit

Arlene Goldbard writes about a new Netflix documentary that exposes the distorting impact of data mining and exploitation of political processes in the U.S. and abroad. Perhaps all that analysis of our polarization just comes down to an artifact of late capitalism, capturing and exploiting data as the road to riches.