Discrimination Against Black Workers

Los Angeles Black Worker Center
October 5, 2017
Discrimination has created a crisis in the Black community. Although the passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act forbids racial discrimination in the workplace, black workers continue to face higher rates of discrimination in the workforce than white workers do.

G20 in Hamburg


Berlin Bulletin No. 130, July 10, 2017

Victor Grossman, Berlin

The concert hall in Hamburg’s wonderful new Elbphilharmonie edifice resounded with Schiller’s thrilling Ode to Joy and world brotherhood in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Nineteen heads of state were there for a G-20 conference; only Erdogan from Turkey was missing; he may not appreciate Beethoven or was too busy worrying about the huge peaceful march to Istanbul, a first major response to his repression. All other leaders and their spouses heard the music; even Donald Trump was seen for a TV moment with half-closed eyes, in euphoric enjoyment of Beethoven, we assume. Or why else?

Life So Good

There was another picture of her at their wedding. Two young boys in coffee-colored suits stood behind them, holding guitars way too big for their bodies, surrounded by a crowd of what must have been a hundred, their priest dressed in white toasting them with a big glass of red wine.

A Call for Love in the Face of Hatred: Rabbi Lerner’s talk at Muhammad Ali’s Memorial

In case you who missed it, here's Rabbi Lerner's talk at Muhammed Ali's funeral. His vision is all the more relevant given the horrific killings in Orlando and the way it is being used to promote fear, hatred and Islamophobia. It has gone viral on social media and inspired over a million people already. If it inspires you as well, please read below for how to be an ally with Rabbi Lerner to help build the world he describes.

The Sanders “Economic Plan” Controversy

The Sanders “Economic Plan” Controversy
Economist Gerald Friedman did an analysis of Senator Bernie Sanders's plan suggesting it would produce significant growth in the economy -- and then a group of left-leaning economists flipped out. BY DAVE JOHNSON | FEBRUARY 23, 2016

The Sanders “Economic Plan” [...]

A trader monitors offers in the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index options pit at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) on August 24, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

This post first appeared at Campaign for America’s Future. “When you dare to do big things, big results should be expected. The Sanders program is big, and when you run it through a standard model, you get a big result.”
– James K. Galbraith

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he wants the American people to join him and “fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all.” His website outlines a number of proposals toward this end, including increasing taxation of corporations and the wealthy and using the money to repair the country’s infrastructure, extending public education four years to cover college, extending Medicare to everyone, expanding Social Security and addressing climate change.

Uncovering the Truth About Global Poverty

Beyond the Sustainable Development Goals: uncovering the truth about global poverty and demanding the universal realization of Article 25 and the adoption of a Global Marshall Plan www.tikkun.org/gmp
[Note from Tikkun: The report below from Share the World's Resources, http://www.sharing.org/  shows that "The Sustainable Development Goals"  promoted by the United Nations and by many countries around the world – despite their positive and progressive rhetoric – by no means constitute a transformative agenda for meeting the basic needs of all people within the means of our shared planet. Reading this report in all its details will give you a full understanding of how serious the global crisis of poverty (including in the U.S.) really is and why it must be confronted now.  And as we have argued in Tikkun magazine, without dealing with poverty there is no way to solve the global environmental crisis, because people's desperation to feed their families and provide shelter and health care force many around the globe to engage in environmentally destructive behaviors which can't be stopped without dealing immediately with their survival needs. This report argues that we may never see an end to poverty “in all its forms everywhere” unless ordinary people unite in their millions and demand the universal realisation of fundamental human rights through huge, continuous and worldwide demonstrations for economic justice. Now more than ever, we need a movement to demand a Domestic and Global Marshall Plan as outlined at www.tikkun.org/gmp. Please go to that site and download the full 32 page color pamphlet and read it carefully--it is the outline of a plan for how to deal with the problem as described above.

Reforming Money and Banking: Keys to Debt and Jubilee

In the face of economic instability, we need to consider creative solutions—like jubilee, public banking policies, and currency reform—that take into account the complexity of the environment, the nature of money itself, and the possibility for social innovation.