Girl drawing stick image on white canvas with pencil

Where’s G?d: Night Two

Tikkun is excited to share Michael Kagan’s “Where’s G?d,” a story that addresses the abstract aspects of God through the liberating lessons of seven year old Tara. This is part two of seven.


“And the moment I was able to look them / in the eye, they opened theirs, // as surprised as I was to find themselves alive.” A new poem from Jon Swan.

Two Poems

“And then there will be another election, / and then the takers of bribes will be shown the door, / or possibly fed to the dogs.” Two new poems from Stephanie Burt.

Social Gospel or Prosperity Gospel: A Forum

Shaul Magid argues––and other scholars respond to his claim––that “American Jews are fighting an uphill battle against privilege at the same time many are devoted to maintaining it.”