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Can We Talk About Intimate Justice?

Despite staggering statistics and horrific personal accounts, intimate partner violence remains a normalized part of life. Even when videos of intimate partner violence committed with the hands, mouths, and privilege of sports stars and celebrities flash across our screens, outrage dissipates as soon as a new scandal arises. It is easy to become desensitized to intimate partner violence and the many forms it takes — verbal, psychological, financial, physical, spiritual. But intimate partner violence continues at epic levels, killing and wounding our women, children, and men, and depriving communities of fullness of life.

AfroLezfemcentric Perspectives on Coloring Gender and Queering Race

Incest and rape are words that never fully capture the horrifying and lasting imprint that these experiences leave on minds, bodies, psyches, and spirits both of those who have survived and the many others who have not. I fully credit the work of many unknown and known courageous racially/ethnically diverse women who began the second wave of this movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s for their tireless organizing and activist efforts in placing ending violence against women and children at the forefront of local, state, and national agendas. Even with the tremendous progress and inroads made, the racist and sexist stereotype that Black women and girls are incapable of being raped or otherwise physically or sexually assaulted still prevails.

Intimate Violence, Societal Violence: Online Exclusives

These online exclusives are freely accessible articles that are part of an ongoing special series associated with Tikkun’s Winter 2016 print issue, Intimate Violence, Societal Violence. An Invitation to Community: Restorative Justice Circles for Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence and Intimate Partner Justice: How Spiritual Teachings Impact Both

AfroLezfemcentric Perspectives on Coloring Gender and Queering Race

Intersectionality and Intimate Partner Violence: Barriers Women Face

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