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I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article by John Brueggemann, “Two Stories about American Food.” It was a thoughtful engagement of the decisions I make on a daily basis, encouraging me to be more mindful of my participation in perpetuating a consumption culture of abuse and neglect. Soon after reading this article I was having a conversation with a colleague from Hawaii and another from Ottawa. They were discussing the foods that are not available to them given their geographic locations. It was in that moment that I connected my position of privilege and how dependent I am on an unjust food system that spoils the few while neglecting the masses who truly hunger. ‘The Beautiful Story’ is that we are indeed becoming more aware of our decisions and how they impact, sustain, or challenge the systems of food consumption. The alternative narrative in this beautiful story consists of moral aspirations, explained by John. I feel compelled to connect my religious values and faith as it relates to creation and humanity. This alternative narrative offers a more holistic view of decision-making and change building.

—Rev. Heather Williams

(Heather Williams is the lead pastor of Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church in Saratoga Springs, NY.)

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