Bullshit Jobs

In this review of David Graeber's Bullshit Jobs, Miki Kashtan explains what bullshit jobs are and how they can help us understand "the rightward turn of so many voters around the world."

Sustaining the Occupy Movement

The Occupy encampments took on feeding the hungry and housing the homeless, albeit in tents, demonstrating an interdependent way of living. What if the Occupy movement called on all of us to take back access to our most basic human needs that are now primarily in the hands of very large institutions?

Tikkun Olam Without Coercion: Living into the World We Want to Create

History shows that those who gain power tend to recreate structures that work for some and not for others. If, by some miracle, those who resonate with the Tikkun worldview gain sufficient power to have influence on a large scale, I want us to be able to address the pressing issues we are decrying without forcing others, including those who are now in positions of power, to accept our solutions.