A Letter to Christian Clergy on Same-Sex Marriage

O February 29, 2019, the United Methodist Church at its General Conference voted against a more open and inclusive stance on LBGTQ+ clergy and same sex marriage. The decision may divide the church that has split through its history over slavery and race. (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/26/us/united-methodists-vote.html) This was a sad day for the UMC and for those of us who follow the teachings of Jesus. In March 2004, the issue of same sex marriage was before the Massachusetts legislature, and a group of clergy from different denominations, many from marginalized communities, held a worship service to express their opposition to same-sex marriage. At the time, I was teaching Christian ethics at Andover Newton Theological School in Newton Centre, Massachusetts.

Santa’s Condolence Letter

There has been much death in my families this year. Santa sent me a condolence letter that he said I ought to share with you. Dear Valerie,

When you get this letter, I will already be on my annual trip to deliver toys and presents. We missed you this year at the North Pole doing your usual job of helping us to track children who have moved. This has been an especially difficult year because of the policy of family separations at the border between Mexico and the United States.