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Welcome to our video and audio page! Scroll down for videos of Tikkun staff, authors, and speakers at our conferences, as well as links to a wide range of other videos and audio recordings.


You can find even more videos on our Youtube page.


The Radical Imagination: Imagine Healing America/Israel May, 2016.

For decades, Israel and Palestine have been at war and the United States has been involved for a majority of that time. When will there be peace? Watch the conversation with Rabbi Michael Lerner by clicking here.


Rabbi Michael Lerner at the Peace House Dinner SOU Ashland in September, 2014.

Rabbi Lerner at the Peace House

Watch Rabbi Michael Lerner at the Peace House Dinner SOU Ashland in September, 2014.
Click Here.


The Environmental Social Responsibility Amendment and The Story of Citizen’s United


Click here to watch Tikkun & the NSP present ESRA: The Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the Constitution – Story of Citizens United.




CNN Interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner on the Israel/ Gaza war

Rabbi Lerner on CNN

Click here to Rabbi Michael Lerner on CNN discuss his insights into the Israel/Gaza War.






Rabbi Michael Lerner on Empathy

Lerner on Empathy

Click here to watch a part of larger documentary on the nature of empathy by The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy – A portal for empathy and compassion related resources.





Conference Call with Sami Awad

Sami Awad

Click here to hear a recording of the conference call held with Sami Awad on August 4th for NSP members and Tikkun subscribers. To find out more about Awad and how his vision fits into Tikkun’s overarching mission, check out this piece on Tikkun Daily.


Conference Call with Uri Avnery, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and Cat Zavis

Uri Avnery

Click here to hear a recording of the conference call held with Uri Avnery, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and Cat Zavis on July 25th. To read more about the interview and the situation in Israel/Palestine, check out this article on Tikkun Daily.





Sharon Abreau Sings “The Left Hand of God”

Sharon AbreuClick here to hear “The Left Hand of God,” Sharon Abreu’s beautiful song about love, compassion, and generosity inspired by Rabbi Lerner’s book The Left Hand of God.






Rabbi Lerner speaks with Byron DeLear from the Euphrates Institute at the 2011 J Street conference


Solidarity Sunday for Trayvon Martin

Rabbi Lerner and other members of the Network of Spiritual Progressives attended services at Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, California on Sunday, July 21, a week after the Trayvon Martin verdict. Their intent was to show solidarity with the African American community and share in the deep grief over the unjust verdict.
In this three-part video, Rabbi Lerner decries the verdict as part of a blessing he gives to the church’s youth, while Senior Pastor J. Alfred Smith, Jr. speaks out about up-and-coming filmmaker Ryan Coogler (of Fruitvale Station fame). Pastor Emeritus J. Alfred Smith Sr., his father, outlines a seven-step program to combat racism, and the choir performs a beautiful, gut-wrenching rendition of “We Shall Overcome.”

PART 1 of 3:

PART 2 of 3:

PART 3 of 3:

Moses and Jesús: The Prophetic Fight for Immigrant Rights

Two prophets come up with a plan to stop the deportation — and stand up for the human rights of all undocumented Americans. Released on the three-year anniversary of Arizona’s anti-immigrant SB 1070 going into effect, this video is a comedic call to action for humane immigration reform — and full rights for the 11 million undocumented newcomers to the promised land. Written by Tikkun contributor Josh Healey (NPR Snap Judgment), Moses and Jesús stars comedy legends Richard Montoya (Culture Clash) and Corey Fischer (The Jewish Theater), and is produced by Favianna Rodriguez (Culture Strike).


Tikkun Author Bruce Peterson Talks to the Family Innocence Project

Bruce Peterson, the author of “A Spiritual Prospective on Family Courts” and “Pure Consciousness and the Work of Tikkun,” among other articles, offers a new vision of law inspired by conversations with Editor-at-Large Peter Gabel:


Tikkun’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Videos

Check out some of the new great videos from Tikkun’s 25th Anniversary Celebration in March here!  See some of the amazing speeches by Rabbi Michael Lerner, Peter Gabel, Josh Healy and others; as well as the Tikkun Award acceptance speeches of Judge Richard Goldstone, C.K. Williams, Rabbi Marcia Prager, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Naomi Newman, and Congressman Raul Grijalva.


Peter Gabel speaking at our February 2010 conference


Youtube  You can find even more videos on our Youtube page.

Also, check out our current favorite site for spiritual progressive videos: God Bless The Whole World, created by Tikkun author, blogger, seminarian and former Tikkun intern, Be Scofield.

Rabbi Lerner’s Interview with the Co-Creator Radio Network: Click here to listen to Rabbi Lerner’s radio interview in the conservative heartland of Dallas, Texas, in which he calls for activists to embrace idealism, not realism.

The Tikkun Phone Forum: Click here to listen to interviews and discussions with Tikkun Authors on climate change, God, health care, Israel, anti-Semitism, education, children’s literature, restorative justice, “celebrity culture and the Obama brand,” forgiveness, Christian socialism, global Islam, and much more.

Ordering DVDs and CDs:

You can order High Quality DVDs and CDs of the entire 25th Anniversary celebration, previous Tikkun and NSP conferences, and more from our good friends at Conference Recording Services.


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