Tikkun Launches New Website

We are thrilled to invite you to the unveiling of Tikkun’s new website – it's live now! We will continue to have challenging articles on domestic and global politics, intellectually stimulating analyses of culture and society, reviews of books and movies, psychological and spiritual insights, new approaches to and understandings of Judaism and other religions, poetry and art, and prophetic voices. Analysis and exploration, uniting psychology, spirituality, intellect, and politics, of how to transform our very broken world and approaches for how to address the most pressing issues facing humanity in our time, namely, climate disaster, will remain a critical focus of our website. As always, we welcome your submissions.

Admittedly, our old website was a bit clunky and out-of-date! The new website presents a brand-new look, as well as an easy way to engage with our activist arm – the Network of Spiritual Progressives – on our Community Activism page. We will share ways you can become active by participating in actions, protests, marches, petitions, and our spiritual activism training.

At Tikkun, we don’t waste your time reacting to the daily outrageous tweets and actions from Trump and his administration. Instead, we analyze the systematic evil policies his Administration pursues and share, both through analysis and action, what is needed to transform our government and country. We look at the big picture. How do the policies and tactics mirror or differ from how fascistic policies got introduced in Europe and Asia in the past hundred years? What forms of resistance have proven most effective? How do we enact impactful and long-lasting systemic change?

And we also ask tough questions. For example, what changes do we need in the liberal and progressive worlds to be more effective in reaching people not yet with us? How do we powerfully critique patriarchy and racism without making every man and every white person feel that we are putting them down personally? How do we critique capitalism without making everyone who works for a corporation, runs a small business, or worries about how to make a living feel that we think that they themselves are evil? How do we develop an ethos of generosity and forgiveness for ourselves, our friends, our allies, and for people whose ideas and actions frustrate us? How do we articulate a positive vision of the world we want, rather than only a list of complaints? To be more effective and reach those who are not yet with us, we must inspire people with an exciting vision of the future we seek to build. Now more than ever, such visions are needed, and that is an important element of what makes Tikkun.org different from the tens of thousands of other websites out there.

Please have a look around – you will continue to find all the amazing articles that stretch us intellectually, politically, psychologically, and spiritually – in a new more user-friendly format. Our home page provides attractive images and clear ways to access the articles and topics that are of greatest interest to you and to explore more deeply our 8 areas of focus that help you decipher today’s complex social issues.

These are times that call for moral clarity and courage. Our new website provides the moral clarity and courage that is the trademark of Tikkun in a new dynamic and exciting format. Enjoy!

There are millions of people who would love to be part of the kind of community we are building, but most don’t know about us. That’s where you come in. When you explore the new site, you’ll remember what is so exciting about Tikkun. Please write a few sentences telling others what you like about Tikkun and send those to everyone you know on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and also through your private emails lists. Show it to people with whom you work, play, and/or do social justice work. Once they get what we are about, they’ll be grateful to you for opening them to this exciting movement.

If you like what you see and want to help ensure Tikkun is sustainable both in the short and long-term, reaching and inspiring future generations as it has done for the past 32 years, please consider making a donation today.

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Many blessings for a New Year in which there are real advances toward peace, social, economic, and environmental justice, health, fulfillment, joy, and love!

Cat Zavis, executive director, Network of Spiritual Progressives
Michael Lerner, editor, Tikkun
Chris Philpot, operations manager and outreach coordinator


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