One thought on “The Planet-Saving Mitzvah: Why Jews Should Consider Vegetarianism

  1. Reading this article on Judaism and Vegetarianism restores my faith in my religion. Why it was never discussed in Hebrew School or family discussions is suspect. It appears selfish motives have corrupted religion as much as politics. I have witnessed the savagery of slaughter, and the required human desensitization to do it, ignore it, demand products that require it. It is by far, the ugliest behavior human beings are capable of. The flood came because Gd saw humanity behaving so badly, violently, selfishly. What has changed? I am glad so many people are deciding to go vegan. I am filled with trauma that as I type, young, helpless, innocent animals are being tortured, mutilated, harmed, for things that cause disease, environmental damage, and are killing CREATION. How do we ask forgiveness for such a goliath violation of lives for so many centuries?