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There were thousands of responses to Rabbi Lerner’s talk at the memorial for Muhammad Ali, but we only have room for a few in this print edition of Tikkun. To see a video of the talk online and to view more comments, visit

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Chazak v’ematz (the blessing, “Be strong and courageous”) to Rabbi Michael Lerner for this AMAZINGLY courageous eulogy for Muhammad Ali!

He not only said it in the true Jewish spirit that I live by; he said it to, and in the face of those who weren’t expecting to hear it, who have everything to gain or lose from it, and to those who HAD NO IDEA that we, many Jews around the world, think and live like that.

Absorb his words, watch the reaction of the attendees, and understand how deeply such words at such an occasion have the ability to change the game; the world game of power, control, empires, occupation, and visions of “the other.”


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