Let’s Shoot

Image of Picasso painting in gallery courtesy of Pixabay

Let’s go to church and shoot
Let’s go to the movies and shoot
Let’s go to the music festival
Let’s go to the supermarket
Let’s go to the school
Let’s go to the aquarium and shoot out the glass
And have people drown while we shoot them
And don't forget to shoot the fish
Let’s go to the museum and shoot Art
And then shoot the people looking at Picasso
Let’s shoot Picasso
He’s dead so let’s go to the cemetery and shoot the dead
Let’s go to the Halls of Justice and shoot all the judges
Let’s go to the NRA HQ and shoot everyone
Let’s go to the moon and shoot earth
Let’s get drunk and shoot
Let’s pray and shoot
Let’s go to the hospital and shoot the sick
Let’s get naked and shoot
Let’s shoot naked people
Let’s get an AR-15 and shoot people we hate
Let’s shoot people we love
Let’s never run out of bullets
Let’s never run out of long guns automatics
Let's get a truckload of grenade launchers
If only we had tanks and missiles
Let’s shoot while the shooting lasts
So much to shoot and so little time
Let’s shoot the small quiet wind
That blows through our hearts
And kill it good


Hilton Obenzinger’s most recent book is Treyf Pesach, and his other books include Busy Dying, New York on Fire and This Passover Or The Next I Will Never Be in Jerusalem, which received the American Book Award. He is the former Director of Honors and Advanced Writing at Stanford University and is currently Associate Director of Stanford's Chinese Railroad Workers in North America project, researching the lives of those who built the transcontinental railroad.

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