Justice Goldstone Receives The Tikkun Award

Discover the real Richard Goldstone in this video from Tikkun's 25th Anniversary celebration on March 14, 2011 in Berkeley, California:

  • in Michael Lerner's introduction of him, explaining why Tikkun chose to give him this award that has gone to a select number of progressive heroes in the past and
  • in his own words, as he talks about the rights of civilians to be protected, even in war.

[youtube: video="rG_58B_y014"]


2 thoughts on “Justice Goldstone Receives The Tikkun Award

  1. Now that the man you honored has written his op-ed, how long will you wait to express regret at honoring him. A reading of the op-ed clearly shows his regret that the Israeli government did not from the outset give him cover to white wash their conduct. Instead of seeing him as a man of courage, he should be seen as an individual who cowered at the criticism directed at him and grabbed the first chance to ingratiate
    ite himself with the political right in Israel and in the American Jewish Community. I believe you owe an apology to those who have supported you over the years.

  2. Obviously, the so called “progressive” Jewish left cares more about its own left wing credentials than any sense of fairness, truth, or incipient bias. It was clear even before Godlstone’s admission that this was a biased report, and these guys chose to honor him. Congratulations, you have just made fools of yourselves!