January/February 1989 Full Table of Contents



Publisher’s Page


EditorialsInauguration, 1989; The Mideast Craziness BY MICHAEL LERNER



Why Modernism Still Matters BY MARSHALL BERMAN

Surviving a Bush Presidency BY MICHAEL LERNER

Notes from a trip to Hungary (Summer 1988) BY TODD GITLIN

England, Bloody England BY LESLEY HAZELTON

Criticism and Restitution BY GEOFFREY HARTMAN 

Soviet Jewish Emigration BY ROBERT CULLEN 

There They Go Again BY LAWRENCE H. FUCHS 

The Israeli Elections BY ITZHAK GALNOOR 

The Meaning of the PNC in Algiers BY JEROME M. SEGAL 

Levenson Sexegesis: Miriam in the Desert BY EDWARD R. ZWEIBACK 


Current Debate: Jackson and the Jews

Jackson, the Jews, and What’s Left? BY CARL LANDAUER

The Bad and the Worse BY PAUL BERMAN


Current Debate: Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action vs. Jewish Men BY MICHAEL LEVIN

The Meretriciousness of Merit: Or, Why Jewish Males Oughtn’t Be So Smug  BY JOSH HENKIN

The Misplaced Self-Delusion of Some Jewish Males BY ALAN FREEMAN AND BETTY MENSCH



The Sweetheart Is In BY S. L. WISENBERG



My Last Chicken BY SOL WARKOV


Book Reviews

The Electronic Sweatshop by Barbara Garson; In the Age of the Smart Machine by Shoshana Zuboff BY RUTH MILKMAN

Highbrow/Lowbrow by Lawrence W. Levine BY JACKSON LEARS

Restructuring the World Economy by Joyce Kolko; Trading Places by Clyde V. Prestowitz, Jr. BY HOWARD M. WACHTEL


Film/Drama Reviews

Bernard Weiner Speed-the-Plow

Carol Gilligan A World Apart


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