How Black Lives Matter To Me

Two black girls holding signs that say "Black Lives Matter"

Photo by Tom Hilton / CC BY (

To my black brothers and sisters,

I see you. I hear you. I love you. I care about you. I stand with you.

I realize that when we walk past each other on the street, pass one another in the grocery store, or engage in a zillion other ways, you may well put on a fake smile and share kind words in the hopes I may not yell at you or worse, call the cops.

I am sorry that the history and ongoing reality of racism is so prevalent in our society that authentic connection is so difficult to achieve. How can you possibly know who to trust and who to fear? I could be that "Karen". I realize I cannot dismantle systemic racism through my individual acts and still I will both engage in as authentic and honest way as possible given the lurking reality of racism that separates us and continue to show up, stand up, protest, scream, and respond to your calls to be an ally. The assaults on your freedom and your lives is so deeply disturbing and fundamentally wrong. #BlackLivesMatter


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