Holocaust Memorial and Resistance: Wednesday, April 11th, 7pm in Berkeley

Holocaust Memorial and Resistance
A Fireside Ritual Honoring Yom HaShoah v’HaGevurah

(Holocaust and Heroism Day)


Wednesday, April 11th, 7pm (6p light snacks + help set up)
Live Oak Park – Area 2, Berkeley
Wheelchair accessible

You are invited for a community gathering of remembrance and healing to support us in building more peace for our lives and communities. We’ll gather close to the fire to warm bodies and hearts. Firewood and drinks, snacks, and desserts to share beforehand appreciated.  For our annual Fireside Ceremony & Memorial, this year’s focus will be honoring our relationships with the local Ohlone people to offer a joint commemoration of the genocide in Europe and the genocide in North America.

Rabbi Julia Vaughns, who you may remember from her early days in the Minyan by her Hebrew name as Sarah Etz Alon, will share from her experience at Standing Rock and her ongoing work with the Lakota Sioux Nation, to strengthen and renew the 500 year Alliance between Jews and Native Americans.  We will have time for sharing together from own experience and history; singing and ritual honoring those who were lost, uplifting the hearts of those who remain and firming the spirit of resistance to oppression and injustice for our and all peoples on Earth.

Co-facilitated by resistance educator Maggid Jonathan Furst, Rabbi Julia Vaughns, Achi Ben Shalom, Ba’al Bracha Barry Barkin and friends.

** The area we will be using is between Walnut and Oxford, next to Rose St. Wheelchair accessibility is a 40 foot flat dirt path from Walnut Street. **


Co-sponsored by:

The Aquarian Minyan, Beyt Tikkun, Elder’s Guild, Keneset HaLev, JeWitch Collective, Derech HaAretz Outdoor Yeshiva, New Paradigm Rabbinics


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