Nature Has a Mind of Its Own

What's the greatest mystery facing every person on the planet? Ultimately, it's some version of the age-old "Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going?" So far, no one has a satisfactory explanation for the existence of nonphysical minds in this otherwise physical universe.

The Responsibility of Theology to Science

Artists who create icons and sacred music often describe their activity as a form of prayer. I think too that if nature is understood, in some sense, as the work of God, then seeking to discover the ways of nature through science might also be experienced as a form of prayer.

A Spiritual Approach to Evolution

Don't worry, we are not about to join the creationists with their rejection of evolution and insistence that God planted all those dinosaur bones to test your faith. The fact is that most liberals and progressives, in fact, most people who have completed high school, have been heavily indoctrinated into the dominant religion of this historical period, the religion of scientism, and as can be expected, will feel deeply uneasy -- if not feeling that they are outright disloyal -- if they consider the possibility that another worldview is not only possible but plausible.

Do You Want to Know Your Future?

Arriving at your local Walgreens—a DNA kit that will estimate your chances of getting cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and myriad other diseases or conditions. Are you going to buy it? Do you want to know your future?