Turning Tikkun Olam into Action

The vast scope of human needs reflects the great challenge of tikkun olam. Simply enacting a law requiring all to pledge “tikkun olam” won’t do it. Notwithstanding the generosity of the American people, there is a scarcity of resources to meet all human needs, there are competing needs to be served, and there are few tools available to assess the relative social impact of different philanthropic and civic investments.

Why the United States Needs a Strong, Peaceful Islam

The United States holds a position of military and political dominance unique in world history. The Roman Empire surrounded the Mediterranean Sea but held no sway in the rest of the world. The British Empire was global in reach, but confronted countervailing powers in Europe and in the continents where it had outposts. Neither constraint applies to the United States at the beginning of the twenty-first century.