The Bioenergetics of Authoritarianism

Peter Gabel helps us understand why a social change movement must create and sustain a feeling of deep connection to each other and to the experience of being recognized by each other if it is to have any chance of success.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on campaign trail

An Apologia for Post-Bernieism

Shaul Magid argues that the primaries will shape which worldview will predominate in public discourse in the coming years, so don’t make it about the specific strengths or weaknesses of the current candidates that are articulating these different worldviews.

People Passing

Don’t Walk On By

Peter Gabel argues for an activism that breaks through the mutual distance that separates us and helps create a movement in which each of us becomes more fully recognized by "entering into each other's presence.

MLK Today

Michael Nagler remarks on the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. who not only gave public voice to the story of the unity of life, but also showed what that unity can do.