Earth-Honoring Faith

As we enter an age of ecological catastrophe, we need new theologies. Political campaigns are not enough—we need to rethink our place in the world.

Environmental Alert: Join Us in Making Revolutionary Changes to Save Life on Earth

As the oceans rise to earth-destroying levels, the agricultural heartlands turn to desert, and the rate of skin cancer grows to match the rate of the common cold… now is the time to talk honestly with the American public about dramatically reducing consumption, combating the immense power of the 1 percent, and preparing ourselves to counter the mainstream media’s obfuscations of the urgency of the coming crisis.

Has Judaism Been Stolen by Right-Wingers?

Temperatures have been increasing every decade since the 1970s, producing increasingly severe storms, floods, wildfires, areas of drought, and other signs of climate change. Yet, an alarming percentage of Jews, especially among the Orthodox, still believe that climate change is nothing more than “liberal politics.”