Trump and the Truth About Bullying

Powerful nations have always bullied weaker ones. The Roman and British Empires were paradigms of military bullying. Much like these earlier imperial powers, the US as global superpower has policed and bullied its client states and its enemies. It harshly bullies recruits, starting in boot camp, and spreads bullying values in military sponsored-programs in schools, sports, and communities.

The Stoker and the Plugger

Stopping the tsunami requires every tool in our kit, even the choice of a timid and misguided plugger—whom we need to prod, push, and often militantly oppose—over the stoker. Plugging the leak opens up prospects that the people will mobilize rapidly from below and rebuild the levy while quieting the floodwaters.

Making a Difference

Too many progressives and radicals offer compelling critiques but no solutions. I am better, myself, at critiques than solutions. But I have tried hard to offer at least glimpses of systemic solutions to our greatest social problems.