Beyt Tikkun

Beyt Tikkun is a “synagogue without walls” in the San Francisco Bay Area led by Rabbi Michael Lerner, the head editor of Tikkun magazine. Beyt Tikkun is a community of Jews committed to the healing, repair and transformation of our world, the Jewish community, Israel, and our own inner selves. We are part of an emerging movement of Jewish Renewal that is seeking to return to the deepest sources of Jewish spirituality. We sometimes describe ourselves as neo-Hasidic: “Hasidic” because we believe that serving God is not only a matter of the head but of the heart, “neo” because we are committed to equality of the sexes, welcoming to gays and lesbians, and rejecting every form of chauvinism and affirming the equal value and equal closeness to God of all people on our planet. We are a community that is lively, intellectually serious, spiritually deep, joyous, supportive of each other, and full of good humor, generosity and fun. And this is our vision of how to serve God. As Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav taught, “Serve God with joy.”

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