Disability Justice and Spirituality

Disability activism often starts with a call for accessible spaces—for ramps, interpreters, braille copies, and fragrance-free gatherings. But a deeper engagement with disability justice requires more than a series of accommodations: it requires a transformation of our core values and institutions. Disability justice demands that human lives be valued not for their ability to create profit but for the divine spark within each of us. Meeting this demand in practice requires nothing less than what Tikkun has been calling for since its founding: a radical turn toward a society based on love and care rather than on profit and domination. In this special issue, we share the perspectives of activists, theologians, and theorists writing from the front lines of disability justice work.

The Transformative Promise of Queer Politics

The story of Lt. Dan Choi's protest action is a useful entry point into a discussion of the current trajectory of gay and lesbian organizing because it emblematizes one major reality of the activist moment: the widespread sense of urgency in pursuit of the assimilationist (rather than radically transformative) goals.