MLK Today

Michael Nagler remarks on the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. who not only gave public voice to the story of the unity of life, but also showed what that unity can do.

Raising the Curtain on “Gandhi Centre Stage”

I have never bothered to respond to Gandhi detractors because, like the Mahatma himself, I tend to think their pathetic writings are best left to die a natural death—the eventual fate of all untruth. Nevertheless, when Michael Lerner urged me to reply to “Gandhi Centre Stage,” the article by Perry Anderson that appeared in a recent issue of the London Review of Books, I assented.

September 11 and Satyagraha

September 11 does not have to be a day of patriotic rage. Every year it also presents an opportunity. This summer the Metta Center for Nonviolence launched a bold project to use the most recent anniversary to heal and repair, to draw out our latent capacity for reconciliation, and in so doing build the foundations of a long-term campaign that will confront the war system itself.

Libya: Acid Test for Nonviolence?

Open warfare has already broken out in Libya: the scale and stage of the violence are extreme. Yet there is still a way to respond that, while extremely difficult to pull off, could be called nonviolent.

Apologies and Advice: A Letter to Younger Activists

Let’s get the apology over with first. Like everyone in my generation (those who lived through the upheavals of the sixties), I feel dreadful about the world we’re leaving you. I myself don’t plan on leaving it soon, but we had the chance to leave you a much better springboard, and we failed.