Elegy for Lillian

Sister Poem

My sister was a Unitarian,

she loved life, the God-given gift of the world. She did not need Paradise to make her a Christian,

thought all religions that promised Paradise

offered a business relationship with a jealous God. She made a funny face at the mention of early martyrs

who preferred to be fresh meat for lions

to living in the world, likely as slaves,

rather than praying for show to the Gods

Trajan or Emperor Augustus. Her Lord preferred His followers deny Him

rather than sacrifice their lives,

He wanted the living to live, love strangers,

their neighbors, the Beatitudes. She certainly thought it wise to hide your Judaism

from the public fires of the Inquisition;

she damned the excommunicators of Spinoza,

believed in doing what you could honorably do

to stay out of cattle cars.