by Admiel Kosman
We fastened ourselves to the holy texts
and witnessed wonders,
great was the city that lay before us
lights stretched like ornamental carpets
at night when we entered this cartoon city
within the holy texts
we saw this exquisite place,
spires, towers, gates, niches, stairways. On the stairs the people of the city,
caricatures on parchment, emerged,
received us in friendship
with welcoming faces,
their disasters
very much like ours. Happily in their dream  
they also dressed us fed us bread
and were so glad  
to serve us, free, the living
waters from the stream.  
From Ma ani yakhol/What I Can, 1995
Adapted from the Hebrew by the author with Lisa Katz. Translator Lisa Katz is editor of the Israeli pages of the Rotterdam-based Poetry International Web.

Above the Roofs of the Jewish Village

I and my imaginary lover hover
above the roofs of the Jewish village. Above the courtyards, dairy barns, animal pens. Above the awnings of the chicken coops. Amid smells and clucking, cold air and wind
muss her imaginary hair, soft, colorful, flapping like cards. My love is not Jewish, she’s an urban girl, from the city of Tel Aviv,
giggling a pleasant and liberating laugh.