A note from Keith Ellison about Farrakhan and hatred


Rep. Keith EllisonFollow
Member of Congress from Minnesota's Fifth District. Vice-Chair, @USProgressives
Mar 18


[ Editor's Note: When you read this, it becomes even more striking and upsetting that the leaders of the Women's March could not be equally explicit in condemning Farrakhan's hatred of Jews and GLBQ and publicly distancing from him and his ideas. ]

I Have Fought Against Hate My Entire Career
Standing together when those who have never been on our side seek to divide us
I ran for Congress more than a decade ago because I imagined a more inclusive, tolerant, and welcoming America and I’ve used my seat in Congress to try to make that vision a reality. I’ve voted to strengthen hate crime laws. I’ve introduced legislation to ensure that refugees fleeing war and persecution are safe and welcome in the United States.