A Cry from the Heart: A Response from Beyond

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A Cry From the Heart

This world is too painful to bear. Goddess, Transformative Power, Emwombed One, Compassionate Source of Life don’t you see your children are in pain? Don’t You hear their cries? Have You shut your ears and closed your eyes? Why? Where are You?

Bombs exploding in Yemen, Syria, Gaza, and elsewhere indiscriminately killing men, women, and children alike while those ordering the bombs rest peacefully. Many sleeping on streets, in doorways, under building awnings, or on heating grates hoping to protect themselves from the changing weather patterns, while privileged others choose which home to rest their bodies and heads each night. Babies and children starving to death while others stuff their bellies full to mask their loneliness or pain. Brave souls locked in prisons around the world for speaking truth to power, some tortured and abused; all in pain. Children ripped from their parents at borders simply for the “crime” of fleeing violence, being born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rohinygans in Burma fleeing for their safety; Muslims in China locked in concentration camps, their family members seeking answers and being met with silence. Women being forced to carry babies to term, even if it threatens their own lives, and once those babies are born, the same people who ordered women to birth those children ignore their needs and refuse to provide adequate support for both the child and mother to thrive. Indigenous peoples fighting to protect their land, traditions, sacred sites, and our planet earth being met with bullets, bulldozers, and water guns from governments and companies who think they own Your Earth. Your Earth is imploding. What makes one of Your children less deserving than another?

I know You are there. The Earth pulsates with Your presence – Your tears falling down in heavy rains; Your fury manifesting in mass fires; Your frustration shaking the earth at its foundation; Your exasperation blowing the winds to wake us up. Don’t You see we need You.

A Response from Beyond

Here is my articulation of what came to me from the Goddess within as I cried out in pain:

Children of the Compassionate One, why have you turned your back on your fellow human beings? Have you forgotten you came from One Source and to the One you will return? Do you not see the pain of your sisters, brothers, kinfolk? Do you not hear their cries? Do you step over them on the streets? Their outstretched arms, empty hands seeking food; their hearts seeking connection, to be seen – just like you.

What is it you need to see the “other”? To hear their cries; see their suffering? You are lost. You are hurting. How can I help? Will you turn to My embrace? Heed My charge to love the stranger, feed the hungry, take care of the needy? Have you forgotten My promise that there is abundance right here on earth? Be kind and generous, do not bow down to the idols of power, money, and fame, care for the stranger, the other, the needy, pursue justice justly, practice teshuva (reparations, repair, healing), care for the Earth – be partners in the ongoing transformation of life. If you do these things and live this way, you will look upon what you have created and see what I saw – that it is good. It is so much better than good – it is delightful and amazing. And when you realize you can create in ways that nourish all life (of the planet and all life forms), that you can give freely and let life transform in a multitude of ways, that you cannot only accept but embrace diversity, you will experience the awe of the universe and all life. And you will praise life, sing with joy, and celebrate the fullness and miracle of life.

Take a step back. Retreat, even for a few silent, quiet moments. Allow yourself to embrace the reality that every single life form (human, plant, animal) are embodiments of the sacred miracle of life. Allow yourself to relax into the truth that you are sacred as well. The way to manifest your sacredness is to embody sacredness – to treat all life as sacred.

Yes this is scary; yes it will test your capacities. Allow yourself to be comfortable with discomfort. I will hold you in your times of fear and need. I will answer your calls and prayers. I will comfort your broken heart. I will sit with you in your times of distress. But only YOU can repair the human world. I have given you the possibility of a world filled with love and justice, blooming with life in all its diversity, overflowing with beauty, abounding with joy and play, and expansively amazing. As you repair the brokenness in the world, all that seems broken will repair more quickly than you can imagine. Love is the glue that binds all life on Earth and in the universe. It is gravity. It is what holds the planets in alignment. It is what causes the sun to shine and the rain to fall. As you embrace love in its fullness by caring for all life and the planet, the inherent love within all life will reach back and respond. Healing, repair, and transformation are possible – that is the essence of Me and of you. Go out and do it – the world is waiting, people are waiting, I am waiting.


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  1. Hello there, I wonder ~ can this magazine issue “A Cry from the Heart” or a year’s subscription …
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    Ms. Linda-Leah Rauch

  2. Hello there, I wonder ~ can this magazine issue “A Cry from the Heart” or a year’s subscription …
    be purchased at a magazine stand? or must this been viewed digitally.?

    Thank you kindly for your reply,

    Ms. Linda-Leah Rauch

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