Why Progressives Should Follow Feminism’s Lead in 2012

Outraged by the escalating “war on women,” feminists nationwide are organizing new boycotts, petition drives, debates, and demonstrations. Here, feminists hold a general assembly at Occupy Wall Street in New York. Credit: Erik McGregor

Some progressives, disappointed in Obama’s performance, are expressing apathy about the 2012 election. Feminists, however, facing an escalating “war on women” and recognizing the enormous political stakes, have been organizing with renewed energy. The “gender gap” that emerged from 1970s feminism has made women’s votes such an important force that politicians who attack women’s rights in order to rouse their base are at peril of rousing the ire of an expanding female voting bloc. It’s time for progressives of every gender identity to join this bloc and follow our lead.

An overwhelming majority of female voters favor contraception and abortion—those most basic of women’s rights. Many are so outraged by current attempts to limit reproductive freedom that they are organizing new boycotts, petition drives, debates, and mass demonstrations on behalf of gender justice. Women know that winning this election is essential because one party supports abortion and one opposes it, and because the Supreme Court balance—holding the fate of Roe vs. Wade—will be determined this year for a generation.

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One thought on “Why Progressives Should Follow Feminism’s Lead in 2012

  1. I am a pro lifer and this would come as no surprise to anyone since I am an abortion attempt survivor. But I am not involved in the so called pro life movement since it is so filled with hypocrisy. It claims to value life but happily endorses warmongering on the Middle East and elsewhere. Furthermore, under the Common Law abortion was legal. This contrary to the lies used by the political right wing. Do a Google for the legal term “quickening” and you will see that this is true. As much as I disapproved of the Roe v Wade case, its judgment is consistent with the Common Law. Further, it was decided by a Republican majority and affirmed in the Casey decision by another Republican majority. One last note ~ right wingers always claim they believe in ”original intent”. This supposes they say laws should be applied as they were under our Founding Fathers. Since quickening was the legal standard applied then, and since Roe was decided on that basis, they should (in theory) approve of its use as legal standard today.

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